Anzio BeachHead Museum

The Museum was inaugurated on the 50th anniversary of the landing at Anzio, 22 January 1994, and is located in one of the rooms of the seventeenth-century Villa Adele, a short walk from the railway station and the city center, within walking distance.

Created at the initiative of members of the "Research and Documentation Centre on landing and the battle of Anzio," the museum is divided into four sections: American, English, German and Italian. There are on display uniforms, weapons, decorations, documents, battle plans, photos of veterans, everyday objects, all strictly true.

The Museum and supplemented by: photo library, tape library, library, newspaper library. Flags, collections of photographs, motorcycles, etc.. enhance the already considerable collection there is increasing more and more with donations from the Museums and the associations of veterans of the belligerents.

 Many items come directly from the depths of the sea at Anzio, where, at various depths, planes, warships and cargo landing craft often lie with the crew, as the British cruisers "Janus" and "Spartan" and the ship hospital "St. David".

It is not, as has been led to believe, the usual anonymous, cool collection of objects, but an authentic, exciting and informative "review" historical meaning above all the exaltation of peace and as a condemnation of the war. A thoughtful pause and a message to the youth who have not, fortunately, knew the horrors of that period and the elderly and veterans "of the landing and the battle" so that, recalling the hard days of Anzio, continue to fight in defense of democracy and peace. 

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Gold Med. Civil Contribution town of Anzio


On 25 April 2004 during a solemn ceremony at the Quirinale Palace Banner of the City of Anzio was awarded the Gold Medal of Civil Merit.

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