A new donation to the museum ... promise kept!

I remember well, was more or less in June 2011 (see the third photo with me and Jenny), one of the many meetings held at the Museum of the Landing along with Patrizio, when I had the luck and the pleasure of meeting Jenny and John Lagnado who had come to visit the museum. I offered to accompany them in the museum showing all the content and the effort at that time we were doing with Patrizio to update your site ... it was then that Jenny, told me about the father, when he took part in the Anzio landing as aPetty Officer in Tank  Landing Craft in the service of the Royal Navy. It was also in Africa, Sicily and Normandy. In the picture we see in 1940 had taken 32 years. He died in 1996. When we left Jenny made ​​us a promise: next year he would return to the museum to take the hat of the father ... well ... what about promise kept!

Jenny is back Saturday, June 16 and in an emotional meeting has donated the father's cap to the Museum!

In the pictures we see Jenny Lagnado and Patrizio Colantuono that, as a token of gratitude gives a diploma and a medal commemorating the Museum of the Landing of Anzio.

We leave you with another promise to keep: Jenny has promised that it will seek to know more about the time spent by her father in the Royal Navy during the war, and we hope to make a nice article!

Fabio Mosca