68th anniversary of the Landing of Anzio - January 1944/January 2012


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FRIDAY, Jan. 20

11.00 - Capitaneria di Porto, Anzio

Opening 4th edition of "Memorie con..divise" display of uniforms and objects of the 2nd World War

The exhibition will be seen every day until 29 January from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 - free entry

17.30  - Paradiso sul mare

Opening exhibition of modelling, uniforms and equipment of the 2nd World War

The exhibition will be seen every day until 22 January from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 18.00 - free entry


SATURDAY, January 21

Tours of remembrance

10.00 - Nettuno: Campo della memoria

11.00 - Aprilia Monument "The Scratch of life" dedicated to the victims of the 2nd World War - Loc Campo di Carne

12.15 - German war Cemetery - Pomezia (Pontina)

15.00 - Inauguration of Military Base Camp at Tirrena beach "XRAY Beach"

17.30 - Anzio Villa Sarsina: Book presentation by Carlo Sama “A caro prezzo: 9 anni, 7 mesi, 21 giorni"


SUNDAY, January 22

Photo contest about Reconstruction of Anzio landing (9,30 at Anzio Beachhead Museum and then at Tirrena beach)


Anzio 9.30: Deposition of crowns to the "Commonwealth War Cemetery"

Nettuno 10.30: Deposition crown, prayer service, officials at the War Memorial Speeches (Piazza Cesare Battisti)

Nettuno 11.00: Deposition wreaths at the Monument "Fratelli in armi" at "Sicily-Rome American Cemetery"

Anzio 12.00: Deposition crown, moment of prayer, official speeches at the War Memorial, performance of Banda della Marina Militare

Anzio 12.30: Deposition wreath at the Monument of the 50 th Anniversary and at the Plaque dedicated to the crew of the British "Spartan"

Anzio 12.45 pm: Board the Gunboat and launch of a wreath into the sea.


9:30 to 12:00 - Anzio: Parade with military vehicles stop at Piazza Garibaldi (at 11.00)

9.30 - Meeting at Anzio Beachhead Museum

10.00 - Departure. Route: Anzio Beachhead Museum, Via di Villa Adele - V.le Paolini - Via Matteotti - Via Fanciulla d’Anzio – Via Furio Anziate – Riviera Mallozzi – Via Porto Innocenziano – Corso del Popolo – Piazza Pia, Piazza Garibaldi - Riviera di Levante

15.00 - Anzio: Reconstruction and simulation of the landing at Tirrena beach using amphibious vehicles and aircraft of the 2nd World War


MONDAY, Jan. 23

10.00 - Villa Sarsina

Meeting with the press and students. Debate with Ganni Bisiach "The Landing of Anzio", Massimo Coltrinari "The Italian soldiers in the Anzio Beachhead" and Veterans.

Up Next: Presentation of the book "My war is not over" by Marco Patucchi and Harry Shindler

TUESDAY, Jan. 24

15.30 - Villa Sarsina

Opening Exhibition about the Anzio landing promoted by Provincia di Roma and organized by "Comunicare Organizzando". The exhibition will remain open until February 10 every day from Monday to Friday

(info: 0698499380) - Free entry 


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Gold Med. Civil Contribution town of Anzio


On 25 April 2004 during a solemn ceremony at the Quirinale Palace Banner of the City of Anzio was awarded the Gold Medal of Civil Merit.

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